Conquering Math – Exam Tips

When most of us think of having to solve a math problem on the certification exam this is what we picture in our mind:

scary math

I promise, you won’t see anything nearly as complicated. In reality, the math is pretty simple, IF you don’t let it intimidate you. Here’s a few pointers to help you prepare for, and ace, the math portion of your water distribution certification exam.

water math

  • The main key to conquering math is repetition. Don’t just work one or two problems and think you’ve got it down pat. Work through several problems. Do this on a daily basis and over time it will become second nature.
  • Practice solving every type of problem you’ll expect to see on the certification exam. For example: water velocity, pipe volume, tank surface areas, residual pressures, etc.
  • Read the problem carefully. Some of the information provided is not needed to solve the problem. Make sure you understand what the problem is asking you to solve, then find the correct formula.
  • Use the formula sheet for reference. You will be provided a formula sheet for use during the exam so it’s not necessary to memorize them, although it may happen naturally after enough repetitions.
  • Don’t be too quick to look for help solving the problem. Try your best to work through it on your own. Once you’re completely stuck then refer to a tutorial or get help from someone that knows how to work the problem.
  • Avoid simple errors. The most common mistakes are the little things… a misplaced decimal, transposed numbers, using the wrong units, etc.
  • No matter how confident you are in your math skills, double check your work before completing your exam. The best mathematicians make mistakes, especially when solving multi-part equations.
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